Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 winTer miNi Tour


Feb 29th
GB Baardshaug, Orkanger

March 1
Norsk Rock Cafe, Brekstad

March 7
Køff Arena, Løten

March 8

- Some live date
- Pre-production new album in Spain

- Some live dates in China
- Recording at Studio Studio

Friday, February 8, 2008

Tony Mills hopper for autistene

Foto: Siri Svendberg

TNTs nye vokalist Tony Mills vil nå hoppe i fallskjerm for å fremme autistenes sak.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

VITAL DESIGNS - Tony Mills (TNT) solo album.


Mixing is underway for the new solo album 'VITAL DESIGNS' from Tony Mills. Co-written with UK guitarist Neil Hibbs from Salisbury, U.K. and Eric Ragno from Los Angeles.



The album was constructed between October 07 and February 08 and is currently being finished by Magnum engineer Mark Stuart at M2 Studios in Wolverhampton, England.


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Neil was discovered when he was drafted in to support a TV network producing programmes for Ronni Le Tekro and his outstanding guitar ability.

Drums were played by Bob Richards from SHY, keys by Eric Ragno, Joe Basketts and Dag Stokke and  bass guitar by Morty Black and Oddvar Krogstad. The album was engineered by Alex Cooper at Madhouse Studios in Birmingham.

The album is a guitar based, melodic, hard rock album with a sinister thread throughout the song spectrum.


Track listing :

A Vital Design

Give Me A Reason

A Conspiracy

Say It One More Time

Exclusion Zone

Miles From Nowhere



Tears In Lisbon

Naked And The Dead

In For The Kill

God Called My Name


Glory Days


'Vital Designs' will be released through 'ARTIST INTERACTION MUSIC', a custom built company, and will be available during April 07.

A promo tour for the album will also take place in Norway in April 07 along with other marketing to support the release.' 

The lineup for the performances will be a combination of the recording artistes with appearances from Erik Engerbretsen on drums (Norway) and backing vocals will be performed by Lise Wolden (Norway) and David Saylor (UK).



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